Weston A. Price Movie


  • Opens with a narrative about tooth decay presenting facts about the incidence of cavities in the US and other areas of the world. The narrator will end this section with the question is there a way to prevent this epidemic or is this just the “way it is.”
  • Shows a lecture given by Sally Fallon, Ramiel Nagel and Chris Masterjohn (see advisors) that presents Dr. Price's research, the history of dentistry and discusses the solution via nutrient dense foods. This lecture would be given to the parents, educators and children who have volunteered to participate in the re-creation of Dr. Price's work and it will be incorporated throughout the film.
  • My hope is that the parents and children will understand the importance of restricting some foods during meals other than the lunches served at the school.
  • The film will show and discuss some dental exams to confirm the presence of cavities noting the number children, total teeth examine and the total teeth exhibiting decay. We will continue to monitor on a regular basis to assure that the decay doesn't progress and take saliva samples to monitor increased presence of minerals.
  • We will administer a learning test before the program starts, then retest at the end of the program approximately 4 months later.
  • Filming will also show food preparation techniques aka Sarah Pope for the cafeteria cook along with reinforcing why these foods are important.
  • There will also be a segment about the economics of this lifestyle, stressing that one doesn't need to eat as much "nutrient-dense" food thereby reducing the volume of meat, eggs and milk. The Weston A Price foundation has already assembled a comparison of costs between their recommended dietary habits verses the standard American diet.
  • Interviews with children and parents along the way.
  • I want the film to impress the importance of securing properly cultivated food for the lunches – preferably from local farms. Therefore I plan to interview local farmers I know whose products I will source for the lunches. i.e. raw milk dairy farm, grass-fed cattle farm, Amish vegetable farm using nutrient dense growing practices. I will film them giving a tour of their farms explaining how they husband their animals or grow their produce. (I've also toyed with the idea of standing on the road with a factory farm facility in the distance and explain that it is illegal for me to even film how they raise their livestock.)
  • Next I would dive deeper to discus soil health and the importance of minerally balanced soils mentioning Dr. William Albrecht's work with soils and animal health. For this I plan to tap Jerry Brunetti along with Dan Kittredge and interview several farmers who are currently incorporating these cultivation practices.
  • Then we close the film with results for reduction of cavities and improved test scores (hopefully?)


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